Sunday, August 7, 2016

More Than 125 Free Sci-fi, Fantasy, Dystopian, & Horror eBooks & Box Sets

Free eBooks 6-7 Aug. 2016
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Once again, Patty Jansen has another book promotion going this weekend (Aug. 6-7, 2016) with more than 125 free eBooks you can download from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.  Follow the link and scroll down a bit to click on the link to your favorite online eBook store.

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child on Sale July 31, 2016

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Book Cover

If you didn't get a chance to pre-order your copy of the script for the play Harry Potter & The Cursed Child that I mentioned back in February, it's now on sale!  It's $14.99 for the eBook edition and $17.98 for the hardcover.

After reading the reviews, I can see many die-hard fans were disappointed when they read this script.  Beloved characters spoke and acted waaay out of character, but readers reported that they really enjoyed the new characters, like Harry's youngest son, Albus Potter, and his best friend (!) Scorpius Malfoy.  At the end of the day, Harry's story has already been told in the first seven books, according to J.K. Rowling, so this story should really be about the new characters.

If the play ever comes to a nearby theatre here in the U.S., I think I'd like to see it.  In the meantime, I'm eagerly awaiting Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them on November 18th!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

More Than 100 Free Sci-fi, Fantasy, Dystopian, & Horror eBooks & Box Sets

Patty Jansen has another book promotion going this weekend (June 4-5, 2016) with more than 100 free eBooks you can download from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.  Follow the link and scroll down a bit to click on the link to your favorite online store.

Patty usually has a large eBook sale or links to lots of free eBooks every month.  If you want to be notified of these events, join her mailing list.  (Just follow the above link and type your email address on the right side of the web page.)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

More than 150 Fantasy, Sci-fi, & Horror eBooks & Box Sets on Sale For 99 Cents Each!

This weekend, May 7-8, 2016, Patty Jansen has a super sale going on with more than 150 fantasy, sci-fi, and horror eBooks and box sets for 99 cents each.  Take a look!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Available for Pre-order

The 8th installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, is a two-part play scheduled to open at the Palace Theatre, in London, England, on July 30, 2016.  J.K. Rowling didn't write the play, but Jack Thorne did.  But don't go thinking that J.K. Rowling didn't influence it.  The play is based upon a story by author J.K. Rowling, Thorne, and director John Tiffany, so Jo did have a hand in it.

Since most Harry Potter fans won't have a chance to see the play in London, Pottermore and Arthur A. Levine (an imprint of Scholastic) are publishing an early version of the script on July 31, 2016, the day after the play opens.  Coincidentally (not really!) that's J.K. Rowling's and Harry Potter's birthday.  While the script isn't published yet, you can pre-order it now in hardcover for $17.99 or Kindle eBook for $14.99.

J.K. Rowling has said in the past that she wouldn't write another Harry Potter tale.  (Immediately followed by "Never say 'Never!'")  She also said in September 2007 that she was working on a Harry Potter encyclopedia that could take up to 10 years.  We haven't heard of this encyclopedia in years, but she has written articles for the Harry Potter universe and character histories, including more than 19,000 new words added to  I think it's likely that the published encyclopedia itself will never come about, but Harry Potter fans worldwide can enjoy the free encyclopedic articles online at

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feb. 2016 Author Earnings Report Is Posted

Each quarter, Hugh Howey and David the Data Guy crawl the website to gather data on Amazon Kindle eBook sales to determine how much money authors, publishers, and Amazon earn from daily eBook sales.  This quarter, they've also managed to gather data for print and audio book sales.

In one day in January 2016, customers purchased about 909,000 Kindle eBooks and downloaded the equivalent of 155,000 Kindle eBooks as Kindle Unlimited borrows, spending about $5,755,000 a day, which earns authors about $1,756,000 a day.  In one year at this rate, consumers will spend $2.1 billion, and authors will earn about $641 million.

Of particular note, Hugh and Data Guy have taken nearly a million data points to calibrate the sales rank to daily unit sales.  By looking at the chart below, you can see how many sales it takes to reach a rank and to maintain that rank.

For example, if your Kindle eBook were sitting at the 600,000 rank because it hadn't sold any copies in a few days and you ran a 99 cent promotion and sold 24 eBook copies, you can expect to reach the rank of about 10,000.  If your eBook then sold 12 copies each day for the next several days, it would maintain a rank of about 10,000.

Thank you, Hugh and Data Guy, for doing all the hard work to bring us all this info!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Great Deal on I Bring The Fire Series Box Set

C. Gockel, author of the I Bring The Fire series about the misadventures of Loki, the Norse god of Chaos and Mischief, is running a 99 cent sale today through Sunday night (Jan. 31, 2016) on the box set of her first four eBooks at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Kobo.  I've enjoyed reading the first few books in the series, so I can tell you Gockel has a terrific take on Loki.  I easily pictured the mischievous face of Tom Hiddleston (from the movies Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and The Avengers) as if he acted throughout these stories!  And boy, does Loki bring on the mischief!  (Not that Odin, ruler of the Nine Realms, doesn't deserve most of it.)

The books in the box set are the first three novels and a novella.  The next three books in the series have already been published, so you don't have to wait months or years to buy the next books in the series.  The seven book series is already complete.

Grab the box set now at 99 cents while you still can.  It's totally worth it!





And if you like to buy eBooks at Kobo, you can get 50% off on eBooks now through January 31, 2016.  Just use code JAN1650 at checkout to get the discount.

Sometimes the hero is the wrong guy at the right time.

When Amy Lewis prays for a savior, Loki, Norse God of Mischief and Chaos, is not who she has in mind. Loki can not resist Amy's summons, but he can insist she help him outwit Odin, ruler of the Nine Realms. Can Amy trust a so-called God of Mischief? With a powerful evil calling him from beneath the city's streets, can Loki even trust himself?

This box set contains the first four installments of I Bring the Fire. It is perfect for fans of The Dresden Files, American Gods, and Terry Pratchett.


Wolves: I Bring the Fire Part I
In the middle of America, Amy Lewis is on her way to her grandma's house. She's being chased by a very bad wolf. Galaxies away, Loki is waking up in a prison cell, strangely without a hangover and with no idea what he's done wrong -- this time, anyway. But he does know Thor is hiding something, Odin is up to something wicked, and there seems to be something he's forgotten ....

In this urban fantasy tale, a nice Midwestern girl and a jaded, mischievous Loki must join forces to outwit gods, elves, magic sniffing cats, and nosy neighbors. If Loki can remember exactly what he's forgotten and Amy can convince him not to be too distracted by Earthly gadgets, Earthly pleasures, or three day benders, they just might pull it off ....


Monsters: I Bring the Fire Part II
After being attacked by a serial killer, saved by Loki -- so-called God of Mischief, Lies and Chaos -- dragged to Alfheim, losing every cent in her bank account, and caring for her grandmother, Amy Lewis has lost her scholarship to veterinary school. But it's all right. She has a plan. If she manages to keep her day job as a receptionist, and her night job as a vet tech, she may be able to get her scholarship reinstated and save enough money for the dreaded 'miscellaneous fees.'

Too bad her day boss is unbearable ....

Agent Steve Rogers has political aspirations, but when a suitcase nuke turns out to be something much worse and so-called Norse gods start showing up in his life, he has a priority shift.

Meanwhile, Loki's priorities and plans haven't changed at all. He wants Asgard to burn. Of course, earthly pleasures can be so distracting.

These three disparate characters have little in common, but they'll have to join forces to save earth from trolls, wyrms, frost giant invasions, and an old evil growing beneath Chicago's streets.


Chaos: I Bring the Fire Part III
In this final installment of the Cera story arc, the noose around Loki's neck is tightening. GerĂ°r, the frost giantess, wants him dead; Cera, the World Seed, wants his head -- literally and figuratively; the FBI wants him in Guantanamo; and an old friend from Asgard wants to bring him home ... whether Loki likes it or not.

Things can't get any worse, but when Loki's involved, it's certain they will. In the third chapter of I Bring the Fire, humanity's demons are unleashed on the Nine Realms, and Amy Lewis and Steve Rogers get front row seats.

Chaos might be their only hope.


In the Balance: An I Bring the Fire Novella
Chaos can never really be destroyed ...

Loki, God of Chaos, gave Amy Lewis all his memories, and one request before he saved the universe: "Remember for me."

Amy knows Loki will find her, one way or another ... eventually. But as the weeks have ticked, by she's lost hope.

Called into the FBI headquarters to identify a magical artifact, she gets the opportunity to find Loki for herself. In doing so, she tips the scales of not one, but two universes, and has to choose for herself what form she wants Chaos to take.

The fate of the Nine Realms is in the balance, and this time it is in Amy's hands.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Amazon Prime Members $73/Year

Amazon is running a sale for new Amazon Prime members.  $73 for a year of Amazon Prime (regularly $99).  Free 2-day shipping, instant streaming of movies and TV shows, read free Kindle eBooks, etc.   Deal expires Jan. 17, 2016 at 11:59 PM Pacific.